AdOps Guide – Pulling 3rd Party Ad Server Reports with Daily Breakouts

Pulling 3rd Party reports is one of the key reporting needs of any publisher ad operations group, unfortunately the publisher-facing reporting interface of most 3rd party ad servers isn’t terribly intuitive.  It can be particularly difficult to extract the daily breakout, which is key to troubleshoot discrepancy or implementation issues, and usually a required attachment to any official ticket to the ad server support team.

Often times, without being able to look at a daily breakout, it is difficult to understand if a large variance in delivery between a publisher’s ad server and an advertiser’s ad server has been a problem from the very start of the campaign, or perhaps only at a certain date when new creative was added, or perhaps when the publisher added a site release.

Therefore, I’ve created a guide below on how to build a report in the major 3rd party ad servers that provide a daily breakout of delivery.

This post covers how to pull a report showing delivery by day from the following 3rd party ad servers: DART for Publishers, Atlas DMT, Pointroll, Eyeblaster / MediaMind, Mediaplex, and Eyewonder.  I will update with others as I am able and if this post turns out to be helpful.


Go to ‘Report Central

Select ‘Queries’

Under ‘Create New Queries’ select ‘Single Advertiser’

Select an Advertiser

Under ‘Main Criteria’ select ‘Daily’ in the ‘Breakdown’ section.

Under ‘Main Criteria’ add ‘Date’ as a selected field, along with any other fields you require, such as Advertiser / Placement / Campaign Name / etc.

Run the report

Creating a daily breakout in the DART Publisher interface

In Atlas –

Note: Atlas’s UI only functions in Internet Explorer.

Things are a bit easier in the Atlas UI – there is a canned report that will likely suffice.

Select ‘Publisher Reports’

Select ‘Publisher Daily Summary Without Subtotals’. Be sure to select this report and not the one above it labeled ‘Publisher Daily Summary’, which exports the data in a format that is difficult to manipulate any further in excel.

Run the report

Creating a daily breakout report in the Atlas Publisher Interface

In Pointroll –

Select ‘Analyze’

Select ‘Reports’

Select ‘New’

Select ‘User Defined’

Select your time frame and relevant metrics

Under ‘Aggregations’, move ‘Daily’ into the ‘Selected Aggregations‘ column, along with any other items you require

Select ‘Run‘ and On the ‘Run Report Options’ pop-up, select ‘Flat Data’ if you plan to manipulate the data in Excel with a pivot table, etc.

Creating a daily breakout in the Pointroll Publisher Interface

In Eyeblaster / MediaMind –

Note: Daily breakouts are only available in MediaMind on a campaign-specific basis, and only 45 days at a time.

Select ‘Analytics’

Select ‘Delivery Analysis’ from the ‘Analytics Reports’ section

Under ‘Data Resolution’ select ‘Days’

Run the report

Creating a daily breakout report in the Eyeblaster / MediaMind Publisher Interface

In MediaPlex –

About as easy as it comes, since there is only one report available to publishers.

Select ‘Reports’

Select ‘Site Delivery’

Under ‘Time’, select ‘date’

Run the reportCreating a daily report in Mediaplex MOJO Adserver

In Eyewonder –

Eyewonder’s reporting system looks complex, but really isn’t that difficult to use.

Select ‘Custom’

Under ‘Reporting Criteria’ select ‘Impressions’

Under ‘Breakdown Criteria’ select ‘By Date Range’, and then select ‘Breakdown by Day’ from the drop-down menu

Run the report

Creating a daily breakout in Eyewonder's Publisher Reporting Interface